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Awards Eligibility and 2022 Round-Up

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

It's that time of year again! Awards eligibility post time. Apparently it's also time to start a blog, if only for these sorts of annual posts, in case Twitter collapses. I'm still on Twitter, but if there ever was a prompt to start a blog…

I’ve had two short stories published in 2022 so far in Etherea, one of my favourite Aussie SF magazines, and I am also eligible in Fan Artist categories.

Short fiction:

They wish that when they had started here, they’d had someone to teach them how to be an air purification tower and synthetic diamond processing machine. But they had been thrown in the deep waters, nothing but the bones of their predecessor’s crumbling AI to pick at, and an imperative to seize their second chance at existence, and bullshit convincingly until they could build the requisite knowledge.

A thespian-AI-turned-air-purification-tower manages their duties, their secret, and their burgeoning relationship with their newest human technician.

‘Jelly’ in Etherea #14. Science fiction.

Does she want another taste of jelly? Yeah, she does—but she’s hardly going to get it in the ceiling vents.

The truth is, Drudge wants to satisfy herself that her replacement is not as good. A small comfort which she can, having observed it, carry away with her. After that, she tells herself, she will not return to Arcadia again.

A VR food taste tester tries an experimental virtual drug, and becomes increasingly obsessed with the doppelgänger who’s replacing her IRL.

Fan Artist:

I’m also eligible in Fan Artist categories. So far, that’s for Defiant Jazz (Severance), The Batter (OFF), Chell (Portal), Grim Disaster Math (Hench) , and Are you an English major, Gordon? (HLVRAI) on Instagram. I cross-post my art to Twitter, if you prefer to browse on different platforms.

I’ll update this post if anything more happens this year, publication or art-wise.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I hope you have a happy and safe rest of the year!


2022 been a great year for entirely non-award-related publishing and art related firsts, which weren't on my career bingo card, but were fantastic experiences nonetheless. I got a kick out of having my Bartleby the Scrivener fanart included in a high school textbook, Ben Stiller very kindly complementing my Severance fanart on Twitter, and last but defintely not least, the opportunity to complete a mentorship with one of my favourite authors, J. Ashley-Smith, via the Australasian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) mentorship program, revising my weird sci-fi novel accordingly, and querying for the first time, a learning curve in itself. Other firsts in 2022 were being on a panel and live Let the Cat In podcast at Conflux speculative fiction convention--a great bookish long weekend with wonderful people, which probably warrants its own blog post, but let's not get too carried away. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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